March 28, 2017

WHS alumnus interns at White House

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Lindsay Ford, ‘09 WHS alumni and senior at DePaul University, currently interns at the White House, working in the Internship Office under the Office of Management and Administration. According to Sandra Chico, social studies teacher, Ford’s communication skills, organization skills, dedication and commit- ment are attributes that can give her an advantage to become successful. While at WHS, Ford participated in many extracurricular activities, but she attributes Student Council with “instilling my passion for working in pub- lic service. Ms. Chico was a great mentor and taught me important organization- al and time management skills,”…

Wildcats start warming up track

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by Patrick Ryan, Staff Reporter When the snow starts to melt and the weather warms, the track teams begin their seasons. The boys and girls teams have prac- ticed indoors since February, and both are itching for the chance to get outside. “We have the biggest team we’ve had in 10 years,” Mike Theodosakis, girls head track coach, said. “The girls are hardworking and have good personalities. Our goal for this season is to keep setting personal bests, to be as strong as we can in all areas and to keep a positive mindset.” According to Tom Polak, boys head…

CSC wins third at nationals

by Erik Hernandez, Asst. News Editor Crucial Step Clique (CSC) won third at the Music Step Fest National Competition, sponsored by the National Step Show Alliance. “I’m very proud of them,” Crystal Ellis-Abdullah, assistant coach of CSC, said. “They are in the top 3.” The event took place in Nashville Tennessee on the days March 15 and 16. Out of the three schools that got into the top three, two of them were from Illinois.  


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Wrestling team stays strong, looks forward to next season


by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter A month and a half before the season started, Brandon Harris, senior, encouraged his team to start training and working hard at getting into condition for wrestling. Like the rest of the team, he anticipated many obstacles and was ready to step on the mats to triumph through the season. “My biggest obstacle was myself. I needed to get the doubts out of my head that I couldn’t do it,” Harris said. “I had a wrestling folder with quotes and important passages that meant something to me.” Compared to past seasons, wrestling performed about the…

JV Scholastic Bowl takes second place


by Chris Nush, Asst. A&E Editor The WHS JV Scholastic Bowl made it to the MSL Championships and took home second place Feb. 21. The championship consisted of two conferences where the winners of the first and second conferences went against each other. “It’s pretty gratuitous,” Brian Dordon, freshman, said.  “It was a lot of work but our teamwork has been really good.” The JV Team, made up of freshmen and sophomores, faced Fremd High School from District 211. The final score ended up being 300 to 430, Fremd. “It’s really good especially for our school because it kind of…

Gang representation creates gray areas, unfair judgment

by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter For many years, the Chicagoland area has been home to dozens of dangerous gangs. Gang violence and representation has been a recurring concern in our area.  WHS has had issues with gangs, and it has maintained a strict dress code to discourage students from getting involved in gang activity. Like many other high schools, WHS has to keep up with the changing color combinations, numbers and symbols of gangs. Deans and security guards must constantly keep watch to stop students from using certain clothing and reinforce WHS’s intolerance of gang activity and image. It is…

WHS keeps current security policy


by Megan Provost, Asst. Focus Editor WHS has not made any drastic changes in security since the recent school shooting in Newtown, Conn. “There haven’t really been any changes since the shootings. Everything is the same: we just need to be alert and pay attention,” Annette Ambrus, security guard, said. Current security procedures include the Identisys program, used when visitors enter the building. “Visitors need a state I.D. with a picture that we put through a scanner, which uses Identysis to check if the person is a sex offender or has any other offences,” Judy “Mama”  Kraus, security guard, said….

‘Stampede’ stands strong despite school sponsorship

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Wheeling, Hersey and Buffalo Grove High Schools “typically” never get along, especially in athletics. Fans taunt opposing players and schools whenever they play against each other resulting in bad blood throughout the conference. That is all forgotten about on the ice. The three schools have combined forces to make a powerhouse of a hockey team, nicknamed the “Stampede,” which is coached by Bob Wagner, head hockey coach. The Stampede competes in the IHSL High School Hockey League where its biggest rival is Warren, according to Austin Lockwood, senior and junior varsity player. “Warren is our…

Peterson moves to varsity level, stands as most improved player

by Kelly McKewin, Asst. Sports Editor Moving to Varsity Coming into a team of seniors, Maryssa Peterson, junior, has “fit in well” with the rest of the varsity girls bowling team. She scored her highest game ever, a 242, a high series of 531 and averaged between a 150 and 165 the entire season. “That 242, I’m really proud of that. Before my high game was like a 225, so I really did  improve,” Peterson said. This year was Peterson’s first year on the varsity team, and according to Beth Anderson, bowling coach, she has improved immensely. “Her average from…