March 28, 2017

Photo Slideshow: Homecoming Game


Photos by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor, and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor   For a story and video about the homecoming game, see

Homecoming Coronation Assembly 2012


Video by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Photos by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor, and Frida Valdes, Feature Editor

Marching band performs ‘Big City Jazz’ at CMBF


Photos by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor    

Dean Swierczek retires

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor After 19 years of working at WHS, Debbie Swierczek, retired dean of students, retired after the end of last school year. “I think I left an impact for a different role of a dean.  I can discipline, but I can also support,” Ms. Swierczek said. Dr. Ken Stiff, dean of students, replaced Ms. Swierczek.  However, he also plans on retiring at the end of this year. Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Stiff worked as the Associate Principal of Operations and Assistant Dean. “I’d like the dean’s office to get viewed as a place students can…

WHS for granted

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor It has been almost a month since students have gone back to school, and already, I hear how “lame” the school is from freshmen and even the upperclassmen. Some students complain how much “cooler” other schools are because they do not have as many rules at football games and so on. Although WHS started with a poor reputation, it is not the school it used to be. First of all, STEM.Although students and teachers tease the amount of attention STEM gets, the program has redefined our school. WHS gives countless opportunities to students to taste…

Continue to honor, remember 9/11

While WHS excellently hosted a play “With Their Eyes” and a summer reading theme to commemorate 9/11’s 10th year anniversary, the tragic terrorist attack was forgotten this year as no moment of silence or announcement sketch was made to honor our brave heroes and tragic citizens who died. Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the event, making it hard to turn on the news channels without special reports of the anniversary. In addition to WHS not honoring the day, other news sources such as NBC, did not as well. While ABC, CBS, MSNBC and other news channels aired the…

PBIS forms to promote positive behavior

by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor This year,  the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) club has been incorporated into WHS. According to Dr. Kenneth Stiff, dean of students, PBIS is a nationwide program offered in many other schools. “(It focuses on) influencing the school culture by rewards to all kids who are trying to do things the right way,” Dr. Stiff said. PBIS will teach expectations to the students and teachers, collect data and figure out if teaching had a positive effect on behavior. During August, summer workshops took place at WHS in order to work on developing the “kick…

Alumnus works as director in Hollywood

Used with permission from David Tuber

Picture used with permission from David Tuber by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor David Tuber, director and ‘00 alumnus, draws “all the time.”  When he attended WHS, he would draw Fun Run T-shirts, student council posters and band program covers.  Now, he works in Hollywood on various productions, including stop motion animation shows. “We just wrapped up production for ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole’ (a stop motion animation show on Adult Swim),” Tuber said.  “We direct the entire process from writing to post-effects at the very end, but we sometimes help with writing and directing voice actors.” Tuber graduated from Columbia College in…

Cross country gains new coach


by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor WHS has been a part of several changes this year in sports with new coaches in football, boys basketball, baseball but also girls cross country. Tim Nowicki, Special education teacher, has become the new head coach of the girls cross country team. Don Rowley, Girls Athletic Director, has become the assistant coach. According to both Rowley and Nowicki, they are excited for the opportunity. “Running is looked at as a punishment by some people, so I think its great kids can go out there and do it for their school,” Rowley said. Rowley previously coached…

Superfans create, release “Catpack Anthem”

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 1.53.03 PM

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Jacob Deltoro, Daniel Glowa, Kameron Hill and Nick Ricciardi, seniors, worked together to create the “Catpack Anthem” to get Superfans and WHS students pumped up. They decided to create the song, based on “Wild Boy” by MGK, after watching “Husky Flow” by Mini Van Jamz. “From that day on, we tried to make a good song for our school and the football team,” Hill said.  “We’ve got the best superfans in District 214.” According to Ricciardi, he and Hill spent about four hours working on the song, and after they wrote the lyrics, they went…